An Act to amend The United Church of Canada

Assented to 8th April, 1926.

WHEREAS members of certain congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Canada as constituted before the 10th day of June, 1925, have by their petition represented that in a number of instances votes taken in congregations pursuant to The United Church of Canada Act, being chapter 125 of the Statutes of 1925, have been declared to be irregular; and whereas the said petitioners have prayed that the said Act be amended in the manner hereinafter set forth; and whereas it is expedient to grant the prayer of the said petition;

Therefore, His Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Ontario, enacts as follows:

1. This Act may be cited as The United Church of Canada Act, 1926.

2. Section 8 of The United Church of Canada Act is amended by adding thereto the following clause,

3.(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in The United Church of Canada Act, a new vote shall be taken by congregations following congregations,

upon a list of persons entitled to vote to be settled by a judge of the Supreme Court of Ontario or of a county court in accordance with the provisions of clause c of section 8 of the said Act, such judge to be appointed by the Attorney-General of Ontario.

(2) Notwithstanding anything done or determined heretofore the said judge shall have exclusive power to determine what persons are entitled to be entered on such list and to vote.

(3) In the case of Burlington, a new vote shall not be taken if within sixty days from the coming into force of this Act the parties concerned shall have arrived at an agreement whereby the United Church congregation shall receive in consideration for a conveyance of the church property and manse the sum of $13,500 together with the amount paid by the United Church congregation on account of the indebtedness of the church or for repairs since the 21st day of October, 1925, being approximately $1,300. In the event of a new vote resulting in the said property not being held for the United Church congregation, there shall be paid to it the above sum of approximately $1,300.

(4) A new vote shall not be taken by any of said congregations in the event of a settlement being made by the parties concerned and the terms thereof being communicated to the said judge.

(5) Such judge shall be paid such an honorarium as may be fixed by the Attorney-General of Ontario, one-half which shall be payable by the United Church and one-half by the non-concurring congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.

4. Clause d of section 9 of The United Church of Canada Act is amended by striking out the words and figures "honorarium of $3,000" and substituting therefor the words and figures "honorarium of $5,000."

5. This Act shall come into force on the day upon it receives the Royal Assent.


© Queen's Printer for Ontario, 1926. This is an unofficial version of Government of Ontario legal materials.