While not the intent of the presbytery task force to analyse lgbt orientation "I was born greedy" does not thereby justify being greedy.

My observation that the issue for many is "practice" not "orientation" was dismissed.

Previous statement indicated "what I do with my heterosexuality is not excused because my wife died two years ago". Neither being born with greed nor with heterosexual/lgbt orientation precludes that individuals must make decision(s) about what they do with these in life.

Argument that my sin is no different than another's, to the effect that all are welcome in church [even those whose predispositions might otherwise prompt them to be paedophiles, rapists, murderers...] is not received by those advocating lgbt recognition because it stops short of marriage.

Despite marriage being legalized by the province and sanctioned by the national church there is not a rush for the altar -- so debate to become an affirming presbytery is not simply about advocating welcome to lgbt persons inclusive of marriage but also inclusive of sexual lifestyle outside of marriage.

If we are to be transparent it is important to communicate to presbytery

i. specific constitutional rights of the congregation including

    "oversight of the spiritual interests of the Pastoral Charge" [basis 5.8.4]; and
    "the order of public worship, including the service of praise and the use of the church edifice" [basis 5.10.1(5)];
    "In the management of their local affairs, the various churches, charges, circuits, or congregations of the negotiating Churches shall be entitled to continue the organization and practices (including those practices relating to membership, church ordinances, Sunday schools, and young people’s societies) enjoyed by them at the time of the Union..." [basis 5.1];
    "no terms of admission to full membership shall be prescribed other than those laid down in the New Testament;" [basis 8.6.2(1)(b); cf. act15:20, 29; 21:25; 1co5:9-13 {note "greed"}, 6:9-11 {note "greedy"}, 1jo1:9, 2:1, 3:6, 9 where respectively 1co6:11 "...and such were some of you" does not restrict on the basis of past lifestyle, but the context of 1co5:9-13, 6:9-11 and the continuing present tense in the greek of 1jo3:6, 9 which interpret as not to "habitually" sin are quite specific, and 1jo1:9, 2:1 in the midst of failure offer forgiveness if requested];
    "the freedom of worship at present enjoyed in the negotiating Churches shall not be interfered with in the United Church;" [basis 8.6.2(1)(c)]; and

ii. by unrestricted welcome what exactly is understood.

The debate is not simply becoming an "affirming presbytery" but affirming diverse sexual expression, including what I do with my heterosexuality, not openly discussed up to this point.