December 19, 2007

Don Anderson
71 Blackburn Road
Renfrew, Ontario
K7V 3Z9

Dear Don:

Re: General Council policy centralized payroll system

It was good to see you at Church House when you were in Toronto recently.

Nora Sanders has asked me to reply to your request for an opinion about the General Council's authority to require congregations to participate in the centralized payroll system.

The 39th General Council adopted the centralized payroll policy in August, 2006 without any question about its authority being raised either before or at the meeting At this point, any concern about the General Council's authority is a moot issue. The General Council did exercise that authority, and implementation of the policy is well underway. As you are aware, there is no provision in the by-laws for the appeal of a decision of the General Council. It is, however, open to the General Council to review this policy at a future meeting if requested by proposal to do so. The option is open to you to initiate such a proposal.

In terms of an opinion, Nora has indicated that she has nothing more to add to my comments above.

I wish you all the best during this Advent season, and for a peaceful and blessed Christmas.

Yours very truly,

Kathy McDonald
Legal/Judicial Council

Nora Sanders
General Secretary