For myself, "I give you this day and everything which might happen in it, and I ask the grace to be able to do that."

When I was learning to drive standard shift the last thing required was starting up from stop on an incline without using the handbrake. Unfortunately was learning with an austin mini cooper that would stall if you looked at it the wrong way, let alone starting on an incline. Critical speed was three miles per hour - once you got past that you were home free - but, even on the level, before that if you did things wrong the vehicle would go between lunging and stalling leaving you feeling like a idiot.

Found myself stopped on a hill at a red light before crossing the trans-canada highway and figured this would be a good time to practice. Don't do it this way [now do it automatically without thinking], but rotated my right foot so the left side was on the brake and the right side was touching the gas pedal, with my left foot on the clutch. When the light turned green rotated my right foot to give more gas and less brake while slipping the clutch with my left foot. The mini cooper went forward without jerking between lunging and stalling past three miles per hour ...and was patting myself on the back when it stalled; and went from patting myself on the back to kicking myself in the back side.

A tractor transport on the trans-canada went through the red light at sixty miles per hour!

Just paused looking at it.....

Realized if things went my way, if the mini cooper hadn't stalled, would never have known what hit me.

The Lord has a plan for each of us.