RR 6
71 Blackburn Road
Renfrew, Ontario
K7V 3Z9
November 23, 2007

Nora Sanders
General Secretary
The United Church of Canada
3250 Bloor Street West
Etobicoke, Ontario
M8X 2Y4


re Pastoral Charge Payroll Service

I request opinion whether the General Council has the authority to require
. congregations which were negotiating congregations to the union of 1925; or
. congregations received subsequent to the union;
to participate in the proposed Pastoral Charge Payroll Service, where the preamble to The United Church of Canada Act reads:

and where the Basis of Union reads:

and where The United Church of Canada Act did not distinguish between the rights of congregations of the negotiating churches and of congregations subsequently received:

and where The United Church of Canada Act required of the Basis of Union either as Schedule A or as subsequently amended:

and where the General Secretary has recently made statement that the General Council

and where the safeguards limit possible implications of a centralized payroll service:

Don Anderson