The following software is written in dBASE IV version 1.1 and (with the exception of runtime) is released to the public domain.

The files with source code are virus free self-extracting archives (lha) which can be installed by downloading the file to a temporary directory, from that directory typing the filename followed by the enter key, and following the specific instructions in the file

Data is a non-relational data base with fast person search to record families within up to five point pastoral charges (with list printout of location rather than mailing address), and print mailing labels.

Receipt is a relational data base with fast person search for non-profit organizations to record donations and mailing addresses, issue tax receipts, calculate statistics, and print mailing labels.

Shelter is a relational data base with fast person search for emergency shelters to record daily residency, calculate statistics, and make per diem billings.

Track is a relational data base with fast person search for agencies to track irregular contacts and calculate statistics.

Runtime (or dBASE IV version 1.1) is required and instructions are found in the files of the above programs. Runtime is opened either from the directory used for data, receipt, or shelter; or may be opened in it's own directory (eg. c:\runtime) and the directory added to the path statement in the autoexec.bat file. Runtime works with ibm compatible computers up to 486 with 640k memory; slowdown or dBASE IV version 2.0 may be required for faster computers. Note runtime is licensed for use only with the programs data, receipt, shelter and track.