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I'm Rev. Don Anderson with the White Lake Pastoral Charge, Renfrew Presbytery.

Over the last several years I've considered the question and the effects of property ownership within the United Church of Canada with one finding

Most people have one simple question

The answer is

Questions related to property then greatly affect you and your congregation.

The factual basis for property ownership comes from our history which dealt differently with the properties of each of the negotiating churches and later of the Evangelical United Brethren.

...for former Congregational Churches property is explicitly excluded from any interest or control by the denomination as before union.

...similarly for former Local Union Churches property never became subject to the Trusts of Model Deed.

...for former Methodist Churches the legislation effecting the union changed the trusts so that properties are now

as are properties of congregations later formed within the union, and as properties of former Evangelical United Brethren Churches became twenty years after union with the United Church of Canada; subject only to the United Church of Canada having the right of approval before property is sold, exchanged, or otherwise encumbered, and the right to become the owner of the property if the congregation ceases to exist.

...Mason, one of the two lawyers who finalized church union, interpreted, and I quote

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...for the former Presbyterian Church in Canada there is sufficient evidence that properties continue to be held for the sole use and benefit of the congregation as before union. This is the interpretation of three of four judges of the Supreme Court of Ontario, and we happen to be in Ontario, that the properties are, and I quote

end of quote;
and the interpretation of four of five judges of the Supreme Court of Canada, and I quote one of the judges

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...consider the audited financial statements of the United Church of Canada do not report congregation property as an asset and only congregations have insurance for local church property, where the Insurance Act reads, and I quote

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If you remember nothing else, historically and presently