Presbytery voted 45 to 13 to proceed with becoming an affirming presbytery despite there being no explicit statement in response to question of what we were affirming.

The question was resolved with babble
i. who we might equally welcome was confused with what we might affirm [cf. the minimum terms of membership in acts 15:20, 29; 21:25 while not explicitly referencing sexual orientation equally reference for all persons what might be affirmed with sexuality];
ii. covenant relation was argued without recognition that we were breaking covenant with trust "that no terms of admission to full membership shall be prescribed other than those laid down in the new testament" [basis 8.6.2(b)];
iii. in response to question "by our constitution may we affirm that?" opinion was given that "there are several interpretations of scripture" and "whether we are in favor or whether we are not in favor is more important than order".

The covenant as expressed in

means little if we might arbitrarily change or avoid its provisions.